John Berger & Marisa Camino - Entries

John Berger; Credit Daragh MacSweeney, Provision

Date: 8 December 2005 – 21 January 2006
Venue: Vangard Gallery

Project Description:
John Berger, one of the most influential thinkers on culture of our time, collaborated with Spanish artist Marisa Camino to create a unique exhibition of drawings.

Camino, who has produced a masterly body of drawings, sculptures and installations, makes delicate, fragile and translucent marks on paper and these combine with Berger’s own handwriting as a draftsman. The collaboration of the ‘elder statesman of art’ with an emerging contemporary artist is extraordinary. The result is such that a third artist is evoked, one who is neither Camino nor Berger. Berger describes the process as follows:

John Berger; Credit Daragh MacSweeney, Provision“How do we make these drawings together?
One of us starts a drawing and sends it by post to the other who, if provoked, continues it, and sends it back. And so on.
A few of the larger drawings we worked on more or less simultaneously, drawing on the floor of the same studio. We never discuss with words, only with charcoal, colours, etc.
Both of us, when drawing alone, draw differently. Yet in the drawings we do together, it is often hard for us afterwards to be sure which of us did what.
This is why we say – they are the drawings of a third person.”

The Vangard Gallery hosted this unique exhibition of drawings that accumulated over a period of years. The exhibition consisted of 35 works, all of which were for sale. Berger himself chose the Vangard Gallery for its wonderful views of Cork’s churches.

In conjunction with the exhibition, Occasional Press published ‘Berger on Drawing’, [edited by Jim Savage], a new anthology of essays which trace John Berger’s lifelong fascination with the most primal and most primary of all art activities: drawing.


John Berger; Credit Daragh MacSweeney, Provision